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  LTL Freight -Less than Truckload

Services, we offer:

If you would like to learn more about our JO-ED Trucking LTL shipping services or you would like to find out how our company can offer the affordable and timely shipping and freight transportation services to meet your every needs, please contact us today. You can call us directly or contact us online to request a

freight quote for any LTL trucking service.


More About Our Shipping Services

At JO-ED Trucking, we specialize in providing Direct LTL Shipping to all 48 contiguous states and Canada. The primary benefit of our shipping service is that since our customers’ products are not transferred or dropped at a  break bulk station and  handled along the way, it eliminates handling claims and results in overall safer freight delivery service.







LTL freight will be handled with our Load To Ride Service. Your shipments will be expedited directly to their final destination without being jockeyed through endless breakbulk stations. This service assures much faster transit times, eliminates damages from excessive handling and accurate and simple tracking provided at a substantial cost savings.   

Our service area includes all points in the U.S. and Canada, picking up and delivering small and large shipments at big cost savings.